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When the general population envisions EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, or any emergency personnel, they envision lights, sirens, and drama. However, when they envision doctors and nurses, they think of dull, boring people who make a lot of money, and maybe also some pain. With ABC"s hit tv show Grey"s Anatomy, a lot of that changed. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and the entire hospital setting took on new excitement as fans eagerly awaited each coming episode.

Medical professionals were eager to hold on to this newfound fame, and it"s being offered to them in the form of a new line of medical scrubs inspired by Grey"s Anatomy. Barco, a leading manufacturer of medical scrubs, makers of the Elan and NRG lines, has developed the Grey"s Anatomy scrubs, which are modeled after those worn by the cast of the show. With the launch of this collection, Barco again lives up to its trademark of offering a wide variety of styles and colors to fit any personality and style preference.

It is important for medical scrubs to be comfortable, versatile, and wearable, as they are usually worn for very long periods of time. The new Grey"s Anatomy line encompasses all of these criteria, and offers a unique sense of style that is very often absent when it comes to medical garb. Medical personnel have the option of choosing scrubs modeled by their favorite characters on Grey"s Anatomy. The scrubs come in versions for both men and women, in a variety of colors and styles that are featured by actors on the show. They come in a variety of cuts, from loose cargo pants and tops to more tailored looks. Top sellers are the v-neck tops and flattering wrap tops for women. Maternity styles of cargo pants and tops are also included in the collection, so no one is left out of the trend. The scrubs come in classic colors, as well as more graphic prints which are great to cheer up the doctors" office, and ease pediatric patients.

The scrubs are made out of a durable poly-rayon blend resistant to stains and dirt. The fabric is also resilient and long-lasting. Grey"s Anatomy scrubs are the number one choice for individuals purchasing their own scrubs, but are also preferred by those ordering for an entire office or group, due to their popularity and good wear. When purchasing in bulk, Grey"s Anatomy scrubs can be found at discounted rates for bulk orders. For institutions in which their symbol is embroidered on their employees" scrubs, the Grey"s Anatomy scrubs take well to badges or any other insignia desired.

Aside for the classic shirts and tops, Grey"s Anatomy scrubs come in a variety of styles. They can be obtained in the form of lab coats, hoodies, workout gear, and t-shirts. When worn, the scrubs instill a sense of pride in the profession, and confidence in a job that is vital to the community at large. Whether looking to order new medical scrubs or replenish an old working wardrobe, Grey"s Anatomy scrubs are the new medical scrubs of choice.
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New Barco Grey's Anatomy Medical Scrubs

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This article was published on 2010/10/26